We all have a colour that we relate to, or are drawn to in an energetic way; conversely there may be some colours you will find difficult to be near, this may be due to one of the challenges of life or an energy blockage. We may blend our personalities with these colours in a form of self expression. This could relate to the clothes we wear and how we decorate the rooms within our homes or work spaces. We may find a particular room more relaxing than another, or one may charge us energetically more. Why is this so?

We are all wonderful individuals and the colours we prefer will vary from person to person, this may depend on your culture, natural strengths, personalities or the spiritual realm you attune to.

Additionally the colours you are drawn to may change, this will depend on which chapter of your life you are travelling through, your personal circumstances at that time and your transition from one phase to the next. As we journey through life our preference may change. How can the Angels help you as you journey through the magical experience and lessons of life?

I work within the Angelic Realms and with the energies of the Archangels.

I work in a unique way through the photographs I take and with Angels and Colours. Each colour represents a different Archangel; with each Angel having different energies and qualities; each image also has an individual meaning.

The images can be used to enhance your life on a daily basis by placing the image somewhere where you see it often and attaching a positive affirmation relating to its meaning. (The meanings are listed when you follow the link to each one) Every time you see the image; state your affirmation, mindfully and positively think of the energy or quality you wish to enhance; as you do this you will begin to emit more of this naturally. The universal flow of energy then responds and brings more of this back to you in return.

They are also ideal to use within meditations, for healing or holistic therapy rooms or as beautiful gifts for yourself or others.

Please take your time viewing the images, enjoy losing yourself within them and if you have any questions please contact me via my Facebook. Have a beautiful day. Jane x

Choose your colour below

Follow the steps below to find out more:

Step 1. To find out which angel would like to work with you;  see which colour you are drawn to. It may not always be what you would consider to be your favourite colour. The colour will depend on the Angel whose energy is most beneficial to you, this will be determined by which chapter of your life you are journeying through, the current life lesson you are destined to experience combined with other personal circumstances at this time.

Step 2. Click on the link at the bottom of each angel’s explanation and focus on the images within that colour range and see which specific one you are drawn to. 

Step 3. Click on that image and in the description read the guidance or message relating to that colour.

Step 4. You can then use this to attach a positive affirmation to it relating to its meaning that resonates with you. Place it somewhere where you see it often. Every time you see the image; state the affirmation, mindfully and positively think of the energy or quality you wish to enhance; as you do this you will begin to emit more of this naturally. The universal flow of energy then responds and brings more of this back to you in return.


Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel – Angel of presence, teaches mastery and wisdom, is stable and reliable, assists with grounding and is connected to the Base or Root Chakra. Arouses lust, desire and passion and brings about action and a new boost to processes that have been sluggish or stagnant, removes fear. Release deep seated energy blocks. Uriel is associated with electricity, lightning, thunder and sudden action and is often depicted holding a scroll (which contains information on your life path) his guidance is vital for those who feel they have lost their way.

Red will increase wisdom, passion, independence, problem solving skills and encourage creative ideas. It imbues a sense of heightened awareness. Strength and passion are characteristics of people who associate with this colour and they are usually very energetic.

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Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel – Angel of annunciation, stimulates joyfulness, connected to the Sacral Chakra is the messenger, balances hormones and can assist with emotional difficulties, grief or loss, is motivating and will increase optimism, positivity and vitality.

Orange will encourage good fortune, abundance, joyfulness, well being, pride, connectivity and luck. Its energy is uplifting, optimistic and rejuvenating to the spirit. It can offer emotional strength in difficult times. Enthusiasm and playfulness are characteristics of people who associate with this colour.

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Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel – Angel of wisdom, the ray of sunshine, connected to the Solar Plexus, will aid balance, self confidence, goal manifestation & provide a fresh approach. Assists with illumination and connection to a higher self. Will help you develop a fresh approach to life, brings back enchantment and pleasure. Can assist with recovering soul fragments that may have been scattered by shock, fright or severe illness. Can help boost low self esteem, or clear mental fog. He will help you absorb new information.

Yellow will develop enlightenment, illumination, constancy, self confidence, self esteem and self power,  self control. Prevents shyness. Those who associate with this colour are powerful, action orientated people and they tend to make good leaders and good business people.

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Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael – Angel of healing will provide harmony and aid healing work. Connected to the Heart Chakra, will assist with unconditional love of self and others, helps combat emotional agitation, provides calm, relaxation, and promotes healthy relationships. The chief of the guardian angels and the patron of travellers, will guide us on our healing work. Develops healthy relationships with others.

Green will improve healing, prosperity, attunement with nature, restfulness, knowledge and vision. It is the color of life, of renewal, of harmony and tranquility. Those who are drawn to green are very good listeners and healers. Their greatest joy in life comes from helping other people.

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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Angel of protection, will assist with communication, is the seeker of the higher truth, connected to the Throat Chakra. The protector of humanity leads against evil.  Releases ego, calms the mind, increases clear thinking and brings peace and detachment from worldly concerns.

Blue will provide protection, courage, strength, truth and leadership. People who associate with blue tend to be more emotional and empathetic, they are avid communicators, and can talk to anyone.

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Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel – Angel of the secret mysteries, will aid intuition and psychic insights, connected to the Third Eye Chakra, enhances spiritual abilities, releases negativity, will assist with focus on personal issues, self understanding and awareness. Clears negative thought forms. Is the ray of artists and actors.  

Purple will enhance spirituality, peace, forgiveness, comfort, intuition and mercy. If you associate to the colour purple you are somewhat intuitive, and may have enhanced psychic abilities, purple has many effects on the mind and body, including uplifting the spirit and, calming the nerves.

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Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel – Angel of union, will renew and improve relationships, connected to the Heart Chakra, will nurture and attract love, improve loving relationships, can assist with difficulties (loss, divorce) removes self condemnation, attracts inner peace, soulmates and those you can share your innermost thoughts with.

Pink will invite Love, Inspiration from the Heart, Gratitude, Inner Peace and Adoration. People who like pink tend to be joyful and eager to make other people happy. They try to see the best in everything, and are light hearted and outgoing.

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Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron – Angel of spiritual growth, prepares for spiritual enlightenment, is all colours, connected to the Soul Star Chakra, (about a hands length above your head) will provide harmony, tranquillity, dissolves emotional debris, cleanses and balances emotions and unprecedented spiritual growth.

White will attract Purity, Harmony, Poise, Divinity and Compassion. This will allow access to clarity and enlightened wisdom. White is all colours and can provide balance and harmony. (This refers to the original image with no colour filter)

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