Hi I’m Jane.

A question I am often asked is what inspired me to create these pictures and what placed me on this spiritual path.

A little bit about me first – I am a mother to two, now adult, children. I have a background in Engineering, Retail and Public Services within large corporate and structured companies. My home is in Bolton in the North West of England and I am blessed with living close to some very beautiful parts of the countryside, some of which I have captured in my images. I take great pleasure from being able to escape into the countryside, with my camera of course.

What placed me on this path and how did Seraff Souls Photography come to be created? Well I think the universe conspired a little and the pieces of a jigsaw fell into place for me a few years ago. As I mentioned, one of my hobbies for a long time has been photography and friends would make complimentary comments on the pictures I took and put on social media.  I was often out walking and in nature as it was a place I knew that helped me recharge my energies. If I was seeking insights into a situation it would also help me find clarity, and provide peace and healing.

(A silhouette of me taking photographs at Crosby Beach with one of the ‘Iron Men’)

I had been feeling restless within my existing occupation for some time and knew there was something else out there for me. I had been venturing onto a spiritual path and found the angels’ energies, and the messages they brought to me whilst walking, or through Angelic oracle cards I had, resonated with me. I had been to a few Mind Body Spirit fairs and knew that this was somewhere that I wanted to work and that the service I would provide may perhaps be connected to the angels in some way.

I also had a desire to help encourage people to think in a more positive way and assist with them finding ways to heal themselves; believe in themselves more or find their own guidance. I had always dreamt of having my own business. However I knew I didn’t want to do something that was the same as anyone else as I like to break the mould a bit.  I didn’t know what that was though and I was waiting for a moment of inspiration.

At Chatsworth Park

I t was then that I had a period of life where there had been a number of challenges and knew that something had to change. One of those things although seemingly insignificant at the time was to redecorate my bedroom and make it into a more tranquil haven and space for me to escape to. I was looking for some red pictures to go on the wall. At the time I didn’t recognise the relevance of the colour red but knew that it was important. I couldn’t find any pictures that I liked no matter how far afield I looked. So, I played around with some of the photos I had taken and put a red colour filter on them in a photo editing program.  It was only when the pictures were mounted and on the wall I had time to reflect and realised, instantaneously, that this is how I see the angels, within colours or as flashes or wisps of colours. The red colour to me was Archangel Uriel giving me some passion back to my life and also bringing creative ideas, drive, enthusiasm and a boost of energy. When I then looked at the same pictures with other colour filters I could see and feel the energies of other angels attributed to them, such as blue for Archangel Michael, and green for Archangel Raphael. Hence the unique way in which I work was born.

I knew then that the Angels had given me this guidance. The peace and tranquillity I capture in my photographs I hope to pass on to you.

If your days are busy they are a means of escape into the beauty of nature. The different energies within the angelic chakra colours will, with added assistance from the Angels, enhance positively whichever quality it is that you are guided to for your path.

With Love Jane x